Sun and pow

Been in Verbier for four weeks, and I like it here. Feels like home already. Not a lot of snow for the first three weeks or so, but now we’ve gotten some. 

Photo by Axel Wall.


Two months ago, I was in France surfing, learning French and enjoying life to the fullest. In a week today, I’m off to do sort of the same thing, enjoy life to the fullest.

First, I’m going to Vemdalen for the second step of SLAOs ski instructor course. That’ll take a week. Then on Monday morning, I’m flying to Geneva, and the Alps.

After that, it’s what you could call adventure time. There is not a lot of things planned until mid-late april, when we are driving the Volvo north again.

I have quite the hectic week left in northern Sweden. Right now I’m on a plane, traveling back home from Gothenburg. Went there on Friday to celebrate an 80th birthday. Had a very nice time, and it’s always fun to be able to bring joy to the elders. Next week there is a million things I have to do, plus work every day.

More on plans about the winter later I guess.


Went out for a coffee. #rivigt #kokkaffe #svartpannan (at Laxfjället)


Went out for a coffee. #rivigt #kokkaffe #svartpannan (at Laxfjället)

San Sebastian, Spain & tapas. Surfing, BBQnight & pooltime in Biarritz.

Waves dude

Boooom. Only a week left in the land of cheese, sausages and big waves. Saying I’m enjoying it would of course be understating it. 

Surfing has gotten a lot better since I last wrote on here. Or rather, I’ve got a lot better at it. I’ve experienced the euphoria that gets people hooked on this sport. Something I’ve only felt in skiing before. Surfing is honestly the funnest non-skiing activity I’ve ever done, so there will definitely be more of it in my life. 

Also been to Spain, to eat food. Lovely. We ate at three different tapas-places, and everything was delicious. And not very expensive. Worth the trip, no doubt. 

I have started to miss Sweden a bit, in the way that I’ve bought the closest thing to Falukorv I could find, and made meatballs.

And to top it all off, I’ve actually improved my French! I can say a lot more now than I could three weeks ago. Or maybe even more than ever. It’s fun!

The internet her isn’t as strong as the cheese or the wine or the waves, so pics will be difficult. But I’ll try to get some up!

The waves won

Today was different. I don’t know why. French went really good, I understand a lot more now than 4 days ago.

Then after classes, surfing as usual. Yesterday there were no waves, today, they were big. Or the biggest I’ve seen them here at least. I stood up three times in the 1 hour and 30 minutes. And I was exhausted. For some reason, I just couldn’t surf these bigger waves. They beat the crap out of me. I haven’t been so angry/frustrated in a very long time. So I thought about that.

I’ve been surfing for four days. These people who ride the waves like I would like, have probably surfed for at least ten years. And I compared that to skiing. I’ve been skiing since I was three. And I still ave a long way to go. And then surfing is supposed to actually be harder to learn than skiing. So maybe it’s bot that wierd that I can’t surf big waves on an unspecified surfschool foam-board on my forth time ever.

I remember one time when I felt like this. When I first tried to throw spins off cliffs. I tried an entire weekend and didn’t land on single 360. And I had no idea why. It sucked, and I doubted myself. But I eventually did it a few weeks later.

Anyway, I’m stoked to resume my battle with the waves tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have learned something.


And just like that, I’m in Biarritz. I’m living in a Youth Hostel for the next 6 nights, and hopefully more after that. The thing is, everything else is very expensive, and the hostel couldn’t be booked for more than 6 nights. So we’ll see how I’ll manage to work that out. 

I’ve been roaming the town today, lost mostly. Very confusing place this actually. Also kind of tired and hungry, since I have eaten and slept way less than I should the last 36 hours. Like one real meal and 3 hours of sleep. 

Anyway, I feel pretty good. I’ll hopefully sleep well tonight. Then tomorrow at 08:30, I’m going to be at a school in the middle of town, and that’s really all I know. I’m a bit nervous, yes. Also, I feel like it would so much nicer if I’d done this whole thing with someone I already knew. Never really felt that before. But I’ll get over it. 

Anyway, I think I’ll enjoy my time here, and the hostel has wifi, so I can drop updates too. However, I forget the charger to my phone someplace in Stockholm, so I don’t have one. The very friendly staff lent me one to charge up now. I will have to buy one tomorrow.  So no pictures either, since there was no power in the phone.